Litter planning 2021


In the next 12 months, from the beginning of 2021 to the beginning of 2022, we are planning several litters. Some of these, originally scheduled for late 2021, will probably brought forward to the first half of 2021. In fact some of our breeding bitches are mainly our trial bitches, like my Maple, or my boyfriend Pieter's Carrie, with which we would have liked to compete this season. Unfortunately, in the very strange year 2020, almost all the trials on the continent were canceled, and travel restrictions prevented us from entering in the UK. Here is our work in progress for the next few months. Our waiting lists are already very very long, but they are not based on “first comes first served” but on quality (we want the best working homes for our puppies!), feel free to contact us.



Jacqui x Gael


Jacqui is definitely my best brood bitch. She’s the mother of Carrie, Think Twice Uh La La La, and Ringo, Think Twice Ecce Homo, my “hope for the future”! He would have been my trial dog for this season if Covid hadn't had other plans for all of us.. This will be her last litter. Jacqui hasn't been trailed much in her career due to lack of time and the difficulty of having more runs in trials. But she's part of our picking team, and she's a fantastic hunter.


For more infos about her visit her page: 

For more info about Gael, Athollridge Gael, visit his page:


Puppies born December 7th, all spoken.


Quechua x Gambol 


Quechua competes at excellent levels in Agility with Anna who loves and takes care of her. She’s litter sister of Chance, Think Twice Zero to Hero, first UK FT Ch not bred in the UK. 

Here how her owner Anna describes her: "an always cheerful dog, full of energy and enthusiasm in everyday life but also and above all at work. Her best features, sweetness, affection, complicity, attention and obedience, everything I was looking for in a dog"


Here some beautiful pictures of Quechua: 


Gambol is a dog with a very kind and affectionate temperament. Adorable with both people and other dogs. Extremely connected to his owner and handler. When at work, he is a very powerful, agile, and fast dog, who does not fear any terrain, and faces the thick cover without any problems. Excellent marking dog, with a fantastic nose, and great ease of finding game. These characteristics are also reflected in the work with dummies, in fact Gambol has held placings in all the working tests in which he participated in his career. He has not been trialed a lot due to time constraints, but made it to the second day of an open trial in the UK last season. At home he knows how to be a perfect life companion, calm and educated, a magnificent playmate for puppies and children, given his extraordinary patience.

His pedigree is a perfect mix of the best European bloodlines, from the Scandinavian countries to England. In the paternal line, Gambol is the direct son of my beloved and once in a lifetime dog Diesel, one of the most successful Golden ever in the European field trial world.


For more infos about Gambol: 


Quechua will be mated at the beginning of January…..fingers crossed!



Carrie x Chance


This is a DREAM LITTER! FTCh x FTCh. 


Chance needs no introduction A very sensible dog of excellent character and temperament, fantastic marking dog, good on runners, handles and follows instructions well.

His accolades so far at 2 and a half years old;

From competing in a total of 8 trials, he has gained 7 awards, from novice to F.T.C.H in one season.

He was the youngest dog to run at the 2019 IGL Retriever Championship where he gained a Diploma of Merit and was also credited with guns choice.


Few pictures of him: 


Carrie, my boyfriend Pieter Vivijs’s dog, is International & Belgian FT Ch. At the age of 3,5 years old she now holds following results:

  • Winner Belgian Championship 2018

  • Winner Belgian Championship 2019

  • 1st All aged breed stake UK,the youngest dog on the card

  • 1st 2 day open breeds stake UK, again the youngest dog on the card

  • Qualified for the IGL Retriever Championship 2018

  • 2nd European Championship Spain 2019

  • 2 x 3rd 1 day open any variety stake UK

  • 2nd 1 day open breed stake UK


Look at her page at: 


And pictures:


Carrie is in season and will be mated middle of January



Jaunty x Diesel


Jaunty, is Pieter’s young bitch, his “Hope for the Future”. She’s out of his once in a life time bitch Carrie, Think Twice Uh La La La, and like her mother seems to be very very promising, despite the young age. She’s a super flashy bitch, extremely fast and stylish, specially when hunts. The combination with Diesel was deeply desired and wanted by me, and I am sure that Diesel's tranquility and mental stability together with Jaunty's speed and style will be a fantastic match. Have a look at some video of her, I’m sure she will catch your eyes. 


For more infos about her:


And pictures:


About Diesel: the first words that comes to my mind to describe this dog is : "Diesel is a piece of my heart." Yes, because he really is my special dog, and all the people who know us, friends who train with us, they know how he looks at me, his sight says “I really love you”! "Diesel" is my first working golden male and he really is a dog full of quality. He’s a very honest dog, which accepts to be handle with no problem, always together with me,always on the whistle. At the same time he’s a great hunter and an amazing gamefinder, in any type of grounds.. Among his best qualities, he’s a great marker, always calm and quite, really steady also in the heaviest driven shooting day, and he has long and straight lines. All these characteristics make of him a perfect trial dog, proves by  the countless achievements he gained! In 2011 I was a member of the official team who represented Italy at the IWT (international Working Test) and in 2012 and 2013 I was among the four Italian dogs present at the Skinner's World Cup Retriever Event at Highclere, England. In 2014  my dog IntFtCh ItFtCh THE ROAD RUNNER and myself were selected as best dog of the  previous trail season to represent Italy at the ICC (Individual Challenge Cup for Retriever), and we gained a second place, winning  the title of Vice European Winner in 2014.


For more infos about him, visit his page:


And pictures:


Jaunty is in season and will be mated middle of January

Stormy x ??


Stormy lives in the UK with my friend Nathan. She's a key part of his picking up team, and as he always says, he couldn't wish for a better “spaniel" to find and flush game. She is an avid hunter, no terrain scares her, as I said above, she takes cover and gets into brambles better than a spaniel. She is a tireless hunting machine, but at the same time the sweetest dog to have in the house. Stormy is out of my Reema, INT & IT FT Ch , Italian Championship Winner Think Twice Go Get It, which is also the mother of Chance, Think Twice Zero to Hero, first ENG FT Ch not bred in the UK. And Stormy is the mother of my young bitch Maple, Think Twice Beyond The Shadow of Doubt, Novice FT Winner in UK.


Few pictures of Stormy:


The stud has not been decided yet and this litter will be born in UK.


Litter planned first half of 2021

Maple x ??


Maple ..... she is my devil but also my angel. I love her to the moon and back. Stormy's daughter, like her mother, she is extremely fast and full of power when she works. She was a very smart and talented bitch since a pup. Her first ever competition  was a Novice FT in the UK, early October 2019, when she was not even 2 years old, and she gets a third place and the most important award in my opinion, the Guns' Choice. A few weeks after, at her second competition, again a Novice FT in the UK, she wins, qualifying for the Open and was again awarded Guns' Choice. This year she would have been ready to run the Open, but unfortunately fate had other plans for all of us.


The stud dog has not been decided yet.


Litter planned first half of 2021

Holly x ??


Holly is litter sister of Maple. She rejoined the Think Twice pack only last summer, following some changes in her first family. She has been trained to a novice level, and like her sister she is a full energy, very powerful bitch, but at the same time an extremely quiet dog in the house. This is what I appreciate most about all my dogs, the fact that they all have an On / Off button, and therefore they can be great companions at work, powerful, very active, very lively, but at the same time they can lie in front at the fireplace for hours. Holly lives with Federica and her new family and she will return to me the time of the litter.


Litter planned beginning of 2022

Aria x Gambol


Aria is litter sister with Carrie, Think Twice Uh La La La.  She’s owned, trained and handled by my friend Andrea, and she will come back to me for her first litter.

She’s a Novice FT Winner in Italy and has several WT Awards. 

This will actually be the repetition of the Arwen x Gambol's litter (Aria is Arwen’s litter sister) done at the beginning of 2020, which extremely impressed me for the quality of the puppies that came out; hence the choice to use Gambol on Aria. Great temperament, extremely self-confident puppies, without being stubborn, great bond with the owner/handler. Let’s hope for the same!

A few pictures of Aria:


For more info about Gambol, have a look above.


Litter planned beginning of 2022

It could be that we will also have a showbred litter, but we have not planned the period yet. Feel free to contact us for more info.