My goal is to breed Golden Retriever with typical breed look and temperament; for me, temperament plays in fact the heaviest role when selecting puppies.

That's the only thing that makes these dogs ideal for competitions, but especially great companions for life.

I strongly believe in the "Dual Purpose Golden", but it takes time, sacrifice and dedication.This is why I own few dogs, each of them gives me so much at shows, trials and working tests.

I wish for the future, their offspring can inherit their working abilities and natural qualities.

After many years of breeding and running my dogs in Italy and abroad, at the highest level, I have been able to enrich my figure becoming FCI judge for field trials, path started in autumn 2012, and finished in 2018. Judging gives me the opportunity to appreciate the work of the retrievers as hunting dogs and their amazing natural qualities.



The passion for work has led me to devote myself not only to breeding but also to training. Starting from basic obedience, up to advanced training as preparation for competitions (field trials and working tests), it is possible to book single lessons and / or training courses tailored to the needs of the individual pair or group.