Blueberry Vodka Shiver Explosion


DOB: 31/01/2008


FSA HD “B” - ED 0:0 - Eyes Clear


"Blu" came to my kennel when she was almost three years, unfortunately after a “not ideal” management, to be nice!!... .After a little  work on her,devoted to the socialization that she had passed away at the appropriate age, she has become part of the gang, as if she had always lived here. She a bitch very easy to handle, never problematic, but she does not like going outside very much, perhaps because of his childhood. For this reason she hasn’t been shown often in the ring; but her beauty is passed on to her offspring,and then Blu has proved to be an excellent brood bitch. Now she lives with Giorgia, her children whom she has learned to love and 3 other beautiful Golden.

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